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We are a Christian firm, and are extremely excited to help good books get on the market. Wondering why our prices for a full, comprehensive edit are lower than our competitors? That’s why. We want to see more good quality works, with good content and good messages, get out into the market and into readers’ hands. If you have a deep theological message, a brilliant piece of witty fiction, or a silly children’s book about a singing clam, we will be delighted to help you take it to the next level of polished professionalism. Your words are salt and light to a world that needs to hear God’s message, and the clearer and more precise you can make your work, the greater impact you will have. There is a deep need for good stories. But, it is hard work to tell a good story. We would like to help you make it a little better, and a little easier.

However, we reserve the right to refuse service. If we are swamped with prior commitments to other books, we simply may not have the time to devote to your work, no matter how much we want to read it. Or, if your message is plainly contrary to our beliefs, filled to an excess with language, or illicit scenes we would skip in a movie, we will refuse our services. If we would not pick it up off a shelf to read casually, we will not commit to spending long hours going over it. And we at Seasoned Words, LLC, like clean reads.

If you are interested in partnering with us to make your book better, visit our contact page and send us a note. Email us to ask for a sample and see what we do, or to get a quote tailored to your particular book, or to ask any questions you may have.

We do offer a discount to members of the Rabbit Room and members of HSLDA.


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Every person has a different take on things, and every book has different aspects to tell. Here at Seasoned Words we know the value of getting different viewpoints on one book: we all see something different. When your work reaches us, we set it in front of our seasoned team of editors and let each one tell you what they see, and how to make your book a better product. We perform a comprehensive edit, including proofreading, stylistic issues, character consistency, and much more.

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